Saturday, July 12, 2008

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION - Two simple questions about biographical dates and personal livelihood

1. The Creation Day Sabbath - two great lights and Sabbath chronotropics
2. Astrology and the Zodiac - primitive origins and influence
3. The Julian Calendar - the Year of Confusion and the first forty-four years
4. Praesepe and Luke's Nativity - Herod's reign and the first Roman Census in Judea
5. Born Again - rebirth and a final examination in the wilderness
6. Announcing the Good News - a platform for the Sabbatical Year
7. A Grain Field - human scarecrows and the holy grain
8. The Seventh Year Keynote Address - the Blessings
9. The Thieves & the Good Samaritan - Zealots at work
10. A Pilgrimage to Mount Ebal - the Mount of Transfiguration
11. The Temple Tax & the Seventh Year - no turning back
12. A Withered Figment - the seventh-year Passover windfall
13. A Parable and Taxes to Caesar - exposing a troublemaker
14. The Abomination of Desolation - the Cursings
15. The Aftermath - from Easter Day to the Destruction of the Temple

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