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A Timetable for the Son of Man

A chronological investigation into the life of Jesus based upon two simple questions concerning key biographical dates and personal livelihood. This study also attempts to conduct a brief survey of the historical and cosmological circumstances into which Jesus was born and lived. The proposed key biographical dates are: Birth - 26 Feb 7 C.E., a night fitting Luke's nativity; Temple Presentation - 6 April or Nisan 1 in 7 C.E., on the fortieth day counting inclusively from birth; Crucifixion - 15 April 35 C.E.; Ascension - 25 May 35 C.E., on the fortieth day after death. The synoptic year-long gospel ministry, when Jesus and his disciples appeared to have completely abandoned their normal livelihoods, is placed against the background of a Sabbatical "year", which gradually took effect during the spring of 34 C.E. and ebbed away during the spring/summer of 35 C.E., and most likely culminated with a Jubilee.

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Author: Raymond Soller

Date: 6 April 2001

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